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TRUMP Movement on the Blockchain.

Welcome to the future of decentralized finance with Trump Coin on the Solana blockchain. Trump Coin leverages the speed and scalability of Solana to provide users with swift and cost-effective transactions.

TRUMP Memecoin


CA: DtLZT8m2ZEK5p4GAAEn9uL3fBA9Xn5wVrcDAaRauqqZZ

TRUMP Coin on Solana

As a digital asset, it embodies the principles of transparency and security, offering a seamless experience for both experienced crypto enthusiasts and newcomers. Explore the possibilities of Trump Coin on Solana as it paves the way for a new era of efficient and decentralized financial interactions.



0% Tax on Buys, Sells, & Transfers

465,000,000 Supply

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How to Buy using $SOL

Phantom is a crypto wallet app used for storing and managing Solana tokens. After creating a wallet be sure to write down your recovery phrase on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe.

From inside the Phantom app you can purchase Solana using Moonpay or other providers.
Connect your wallet to Raydium, input our contract address DtLZT8m2ZEK5p4GAAEn9uL3fBA9Xn5wVrcDAaRauqqZZ and click the swap button!
Please be advised that TRUMP Memecoin is a cryptocurrency created for entertainment purposes and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Donald J. Trump. While TRUMP Memecoin may reference or incorporate elements related Trump’s┬ápersona, image, or likeness, it does not imply any direct endorsement, partnership, or approval by Trump. Any resemblance or association between TRUMP Memecoin and Donald J. Trump is purely coincidental and intended for satirical or humorous purposes.